Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Work to be done in period 5 on Thursday 22nd March

Watch the videos below and use the questions to help you write an essay-style answer about the future of the film industry.

Questions: What kind of future does the film industry have? How is the industry changing? How is the industry going to survive? What are the obstacles faced by the industry? What opportunities are there for the industry?

Try to bring in some of the terms you have (hopefully by now) learned and refer to examples of films mentioned in the videos, or from our case studies, or from your own experience.

THE ESSAY MUST BE POSTED TO YOUR BLOG BY NEXT WEEK'S LESSON. It might take most of the lesson to watch the video clips so you may have to write your essays at home, having made notes during the lesson.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Snehal - Catch-up Work

Hello Snehal. Please have a look at the scribd document below. You need to know the meaning of all of the different terms mentioned in the document. On the second last slide of the document, there is a "Research Task". Pick either "The King's Speech" or the version of Sherlock Holmes from 2009 and create a presentation (e.g., on Powerpoint) including all of the elements of the research task. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Homework due for Thursday 8th/Friday 9th March

Create a presentation explaining the difference between Hollywood and independent (indie) film. Focus on three main areas: production, distribution, and exhibition. What do these terms mean and how do Hollywood and independent films differ in these three areas? Discuss general differences but also pick two specific films – one Hollywood and one Indie – and use these as examples to illustrate your points.

Your presentations should include images and text.

There’s a folder on the Media Drive called “Resources for Hollywood vs Indie Poster Lesson” containing resources and powerpoints you can use to help you. (Some of these resources are posted below). You should also use the web (including the links on

Do not use Prezi, because it doesn’t seem to be accessible from many of the school computers.

Brief and Intro to Audiences and Institutions